Meet Sydney

On her 4th birthday, Sydney experienced her first ride on a horse and has never been the same since. By the age of nine, Sydney was riding and taking lessons on a regular basis. At the age of 12 she got her first horse, an Arabian mare named Cece, and they began the journey towards achieving a truly remarkable level of horsemanship.

Impressed by Sydney's natural ability with horses and the amazing bond between her and Cece, local horse men and women started to take notice. By the age of 17, Sydney had built a clientele base in the Sonoma County area, helping horsemen and women achieve greater levels of success and connection with their horses.

Sydney has performed with Cece at the Equine Extravaganza in Santa Rosa CA, providing hours of demonstrations on bareback and bridleless riding, as well as at the Parelli savvy spotlight in Reno in which she was awarded her level 3 advanced certification in Parelli Natural Horsemanship by Pat Parelli himself.

Mastery Horsemanship Course & TV Commercials

She has also completed a mastery horsemanship course in Pagosa Springs Colorado. During the course, her and Cece were used in natural horsemanship educational videos, as an example of the level of connection that is possible with your horse. In addition to her performances, Sydney had the honor to apprentice with master horse instructor Dave Ellis, work with his horses, and learn from him while living and working on his ranch in Bakersfield California.

During her time at UC Davis, Sydney competed on the hunter jumper team and received her degree in International Relations. Completing her degree gave her a better understanding of the ways in which people of many different cultures interact and communicate. She applies this knowledge in her practice by communicating with her students in a compassionate way through encouragement, open communication, and a low stress environment that supports the learning process.

She now offers training, behavioral analysis and problem solving consultation to bridge the gap in communication between you and your horse, allowing you to reach a level of horsemanship you never thought possible.